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60 Second Wedding Hack - DIY Sweet Favour Jar

Are you having a sweet table and fancy something a little bit different to the ordinary?

Our Signwriting Pen works on plenty of surfaces, including Glass, so you can decorate your sweet jars as shown in our new Wedding Hack Video!

Our Sweet Jar came from IKEA and cost £3.25 - it took 5 bags of sweets to fill it so they are great for weddings!

Our book and pen are used to create this, but you might not need our full book to get this underway, our worksheets with teach you how to create the faux calligraphy in no time! Available here

If its your first time using our pen on glass make sure you practice first as the surface is slippery - if you need to stencil a guide, pop one on paper and slide inside the jar to trace!

(Please note this design is not permanent, but it is waterproof, and should last for your day even with lots of hands touching the jars)

Video Here

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