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Our First Board - Anniversary Week

This week marks the 2nd Anniversary of the first ever chalkboard I made. I'm so happy and proud of where the chalk spot has taken me, its been the most enjoyable journey and I hope it continues to break the mould and venture into new boundaries as bravely as it has done so far.

This original 'chalkboard' really isn't a chalkboard at all, I made it out of cardboard and chalkboard paint that I cut to size to fit into an old frame. The frame was such a dated mahogany colour I white washed it to give it some new life. At the time you couldn't buy a birthday chalkboard in the UK, the best I could find was print versions in clashing colours and cheap fonts - I decided i could do it better, and do it myself. I wasn't planning on what was to happen next, I was merely creating a decor piece for my daughters 1st birthday. The response from friends and family was immense, which led to me sourcing a product I could sell - and the rest as they say is history. Looking forward to celebrating The Chalk Spot's 2nd Birthday in a couple of weeks :)

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