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DIY Leather handpainted wedding jacket

Our DIY leather jacket video is the most popular 2018 trend we've shown off so far this year (yes okay it's the first and only - but you're loving it!)

We've used a high quality faux leather jacket from Barneys Originals. And our pens have worked fantastically on the fabric. I will give it a test run and make sure the paint will last too.

I've used all my usual methods to create my design, as always I work freehand. However you could use stencils, or Chalk the design initially to use as a guide.

The jacket would be great for hen dos, after parties, the wedding for photo props, or just to keep warm in the evening.

For all my hints, tips, and to master the lettering and flowers, our book is available in the shop

Full Video from YouTube is below


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