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DIY Floating Petal Frame with Signwriting. Perspex or Glass

We show you how to create a beautiful frame filled with floating petals. This could make a unique display, alternative to chalkboards and wood signs, for your big day. After the fun, you could reuse the sign to display your dried bouquet petals.

You will need


Large Frame - Available new or from second hand stores

2 Sheets of Perspex - Available from most hardware stores. Can be cut to size.

Signwriting Pen - Available from The Chalk Spot. Posca pens or Sharpies work just as well from most craft stores.

Pencil and Paper - If you are going to trace your design onto the Perspex or glass

Step One

Prep your petals. We are using rose petals as these are a lovely size and come in lots of colours. If you are using fresh petals, make sure the flowers are a few days old and just starting to dry. Push your thumb behind the petal down to the base and pull away.

Step Two

Lay a sheet of Perspex out and arrange your petals on top. Start from the middle of your Perspex sheet and scatter the petals around. Leaving the edges clear will help with the illusion the petals are floating.

Step Three

Sandwich your petals. Place your second sheet of Perspex on top of your petals and push down gently. You can spray a little transparent fixing spray between the layers to hold them, but not essential.

Step Four

Fix your Perspex sheets into your frame. Push down on the clips that usually hold the frame’s backing board.

Step Five

Using a signwriting pen, draw your design onto the top Perspex sheet. Use faux calligraphy and bold capitals to make sure your text stands out.

Top Tip

If you are nervous about lettering freehand then trace your design. You could either use a design you have drawn with pencil onto paper, or print one off using computer fonts. Place your design under your Perspex or glass and trace.

You can download this design and two others at

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