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Perspex - Wedding trend 2017 - How to create your own

Well... that was terrifying. I just did my first live video and i was rather nervous :) However, i was really keen to show off how easy the top trend for 2017 weddings is to make - and i would love to see you give it a go if you can. Our Book, Worksheets and Kit have all you need to do this - they are available here

Once you are confident with your handwriting (our book and worksheets have all you need to master this) grab yourself some perspex (readily available from hardware stores) and give this a go!

For beginners, i would recommend sketching your menu onto paper first and using this as a guide underneath the perspex, giving you something to follow and hopefully stopping any mistake from happening. Practice first as the perspex is slippery and not like writing on paper or wood so it will be worth having a quick go to see how the pen moves across the surface.

Relax, enjoy it, and hopefully you can create something really trendy, really simple and wow your guests at your big day!

If you would prefer a handy make your own kit with a guide to trace then head here to pick one up :)

Our quick video is below. To view our live video, head over to our facebook page and watch in real time :)

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