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The Chalk Spot Modern Signwriting Group

I am incredibly proud of what the ladies and gents have been achieving with their Beginners Guide to Modern Signwriting and their Kits (available here) - so much so i wish to dedicate a blog post to them and what they have created so far.

Our Guide may be slim and concise in size, but the information it contains packs a powerful punch with insights, advice and top tips. I have spent hours and days and months and years discovering some of the best known secrets of the trade, and I have put all of them down in my guide to teach others how to get it right first time.

All the photos below are taken from the Modern Signwriting Group, all of these makes are by our students - Access to this group is part of the Guide and you are Invited when you purchase one. Everything has been made by the ladies and gents in the group with the Guide and the Kits. This also shows all the areas our guide covers and where the inspiration can take you!

Gifts, Decor (home and wedding), Business Signs, Beautiful Quotes, Upcycle Tips, Event Signs

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