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The Wedding Industry Awards 2017 Regional Finalist

Yay! How exciting to be given a certificate for becoming a 'The Wedding Industry Awards 2017 Regional Finalist!' I am bursting with pride!

These are the first awards we have been nominated for and I was nervous to enter, but what a fantastic result so far!

We cannot thank our amazing Brides and Grooms enough who voted for us and gave us fab feedback to get us this recognition - Thank you SO MUCH. It is a wonderful feeling getting feedback for our work made for our clients. We get to know our couples and what they would like represented on their boards, and getting it spot on for them it a fantastic moment - to have them love it enough to vote is truly wonderful. Thank you everyone who took the time and effort to do this for us.

I am chuffed just to get this far, and makes me feel so proud of what The Chalk Spot has achieved. I believe so highly in giving above and beyond customer service, and I am honoured that this has been noticed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

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