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Making a Birthday Chalkboard

Here at The Chalk Spot it all started with a Birthday chalkboard. After discovering that in the U.K. The only versions available were digital prints I decided I would make my own real chalkboard. (In fact the original was made on cardboard ha!)

To find out how to start from the beginning and make a chalkboard from scratch, grab a copy of our guidehere - I went through many trial and errors making a chalkboard, so all my hints and tips and secrets are in the guide.

Once you've made your board you need to add a name. I used to prefer big chunky letters and found it really helpful to draw these out first on card and create a stencil for myself. This helped me lay the letters out on the board and get them all in the right place first. Now I prefer to use modern calligraphy and you can learn how I do this from the guide and worksheets here

 Next it's nice to put in some number facts. Typically its height, weight and number of teeth. They look great along the bottom and also down the side. You can make these really brightly coloured and bold, or it's also nice to draw pictures to represent the numbers too like a tooth for teeth - see below :)

You then will want to add some facts and favourite things. Typically I use 4 or 5 sentences of things I love, and the favourite foods plus a few favourite things (toys, books, songs etc). 

Find out which tools I recommend for getting a design onto a chalkboard from our guide, and then have fun placing your sections on your chalkboard.

When everything is in place and you've filled your board with colours and different styles of lettering you may wish to theme the board and add a design. See below for some inspiration - these are some of my favourites :)

Finally these make great decorations for nurserys and homes, so you may wish to frame your artwork afterwards. Once again refer to our guide on the best way to frame your piece and have fun creating boards as gifts for friends :)

Clair xx

All photos curtesy of The Chalk Spot. All designs are The Chalk Spots and must not be replicated for commercial use.

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