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Introduction to The Beginners Guide to Modern Signwriting Book

Modern Signwriting is easy to learn. With our book you will be mastering faux calligraphy. This will enable you to apply beautiful modern calligraphy styles of writing onto lots of surfaces, particularly chalkboards.

Modern Signwriting can be as individual as your own handwriting, and you will learn a style which is comfortable and natural to you.

With our worksheets in our book you can practice letter drills. Letter drills are the best way to learn a new skill. You will train your brain to memorise the movement and shapes of each letter, and before long you'll be joining these up and using them naturally.

With some guidance and top tips on how to create chalkboards, wood signs and more, you'll be applying your handwriting using our recommended equipment and avoiding mistakes with our expert advice. The possibilities are endless.

You can grab our book here

Images courtesy of Rhianna Ingram Photography

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