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What is Modern Signwriting

Modern Signwriting is a new art. It is hand lettering with beautiful pens. It is making ordinary items personal and unique. It is adding individuality to your home or event. It is fun and trendy.


Our favourite style of lettering is Modern Calligraphy which is typically achieved using a nib and ink.

Modern Calligraphy is a new way to letter, based on the more traditional copperplate calligraphy. Modern Calligraphy allows you to add more personality to your lettering, it is more natural and it is fun and bouncy.


We can replicate Modern Calligraphy by simply mastering Faux Calligraphy.

Faux Calligraphy is a hand lettering technique which allows us to apply beautiful calligraphy to chalkboards and other surfaces without the need for a traditional calligraphy nib.

It is a technique which still allows you to understand letter forms and shapes like in traditional calligraphy. However, it is easier to produce and easier to control than using a nib and ink.


Modern Signwriting is therefore an easy and fun way to apply personalisation and individuality to a whole variety of surfaces.

It can allow you to upcycle items, and also create brand new boards, signs, stationery and prints.


Our guides will help you master Modern Signwriting.

The guide recommends a variety of tools and equipment which is perfect for Modern Signwriting, and provide instruction and technique in mastering Faux Calligraphy.

It also provides instruction and advice for creating a full design, including placing text and drawings.

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