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DIY Rustic Chalkboard Favours

These mini chalkboard favours are a brilliant gift to your friends and family on your day, and also a great keepsake for after the event. Here i show you how to assemble them.

You will need...

-Mini wooden hearts

-Chalkboard Paint

-White Signwriting Pen available here

-Twine and Scissors

Once you have decorated your hearts using our book for hints and tips they are ready to be assembled. Remember with handmade favours they don't all have to match to look great. The beauty of having something handmade is they can be different and a bit quirky. Your guests will love the effort you have put into them.

Cut your twine to around 20cm long.

Fold your twine in half ready to pop through the hole in your favour. If you do not have a pre-cut hole then you can achieve this with a drill. Pull it through from back to front, the putt the ends through the loop to tighted and create a smart knot. You can now tie the ends or leave them loose.

Catch our video of Clair writing on the chalkboard favours on YouTube below!

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