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Top 5 Ikea Hacks for Wedding Signs and Decorations

1. The Window Pane

The cupboard doors in Ikea are perfect for using as alternative Signs. These glass kitchen doors can be used for welcome notices, orders of the day, table plans - there's so many options! Prop them horizontal or vertical for different looks

2. The Cupboard Door

These kitchen cupboard doors are great if you wanted some colour. This stylish grey has a great look with the white pen and would be great for a table plan.

3. Crates

The crates are brilliant for so many uses. Upright to hold flip flops and blankets, or upside down to use as stands for food, drink, favours etc. We wrote on ours the drinks menu, and have also used them as a blankets holder but the possibilities are endless. Stack them up for a beautiful display.

4. The Beauty Mirror

This mirror is beautiful. If you have a stylish day this could really add a touch of glamour. We have displayed an order of the day, and also used as a simple sign, we think both looks are fantastic.

4. Handmade Hangers

Such a cute keepsake for you and your best girls (or boys) - personalise your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, wedding outfits hangers simply with our white pen and calligraphy

5. The Sweet Jar

Do away with signs that clutter your table and put your text straight onto your items, like this brilliant sweet jar below.

For more inspiration, and how to achieve these designs and lettering, pick up our book and kits here

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